Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Metrics and Scorecards

D&I issue

What gets measured gets done. This widely used adage addresses part of the diversity measurement issue. The emphasis on doing things and achieving results leads to the corollary, “do the right things.”

The core diversity and inclusion metrics and scorecard challenge is deciding what to do and then designing appropriate metrics and scorecards to measure progress.

This seems simple. In many instances, though, diversity metrics are defined before a strategy and set of long-term goals are known. What does it look like when this is done? Frequently, a mess:

  • The CEO may not care about or focus on the entire diversity initiative.
  • Results may be achieved although they do not impact the business.
  • In difficult economic or business times, diversity and inclusion get put on the back burner.
  • Diversity and inclusion stay a human resources issue funded and managed from the sideline.

Periodic (e.g. annual) updates to the diversity metrics and scorecard are also important. If progress has been made, the metrics must change to “raise the bar.” If progress has not been made, the metrics must change so that different things are tried.

Business needs also change based on the evolving marketplace, so the diversity initiative must adapt to this new environment. Thus, it is essential to periodically update the metric and scorecard plan.

D&I solution

There are hundreds of potential diversity metrics to use in a diversity scorecard or a comprehensive measuring strategy for diversity and inclusion. General areas include:

Market share
Work environment
Customer satisfaction
Employee population & movement
Employee surveys
Marketing & advertising
Employee retention
Creativity & innovation
Cost of goods sold
Diversity hiring metrics
People management processes

MDB Group can help you identify the “critical few” metrics most appropriate for your scorecard. The best answer varies based on factors such as your key stakeholders, the company’s or organization’s key business objectives, organizational culture, your long-term diversity and inclusion goals and current state, and recent results. Focusing on a “critical few” elements helps clarify accountability and ensure progress.

Sample D&I results

See representative results achieved by MDB Group's principals at Diversity Metrics and Scorecards.

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Metrics and scorecards drive accountability and measure progress in many aspects of a diversity initiative. Click the links below for further insight:


When adding elements to an initiative, review the metric and scorecard plan for possible update.

Diversity strategies

Metrics and scorecards must support the overall diversity strategy.

Diversity training

Diversity training results may be an appropriate metric.

Employee network groups (ENGs)

Employee Network Groups are best implemented and measured with Business-Aligned® diversity metrics.

Executive briefings and workshops

An executive workshop can be effective at defining and gaining support for a metric and scorecard framework.

Lawsuit vulnerability Metrics can help assess and manage all these issues.
Morale and turnover / retention
Reputation of your company
Workplace assessments
Workforce productivity, innovation, and creativity


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