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About MDB Group

About Us
Affiliation with the ITAP International Alliance Network
Our Perspective
Narrated introduction to Business-Aligned® D&I Planning
Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Services
Sample D&I Consulting Results
MDB Group President, Peter Bye

D & I Strategy Development and Implementation

Strategy Development
Business Growth with D&I Strategy
Executive Strategic Planning Offsites
D&I Metrics and Scorecards
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Building a Good Reputation
D&I Information and Tools
Risk Assessments & Action Plans
Workplace Assessments
D&I Four Part Learning Series
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Designing Accountability in D&I Strategy
Diversity Strategy

Building Inclusion

Building Inclusion
Intercultural Competence / Expertise (IDI, CWQ)
Developing Core Intercultural Competence: IDI Applications
Intercultural Development Continuum (IDC)
IDI Description and Design
Sample IDI Feedback Report
Culturally-Based Tendencies: CWQ Applications
Culturally-Based Tendencies: Hofstede´s Research
CWQ Description and Design
Sample CWQ Feedback Report
The PICAS Factors
PICAS and Workplace Productivity
Retention Strategies
Success Through a Culture of Inclusion

Training & Development

Diversity Training
Diversity in Teams
Managing Conflict
CDO Accelerator
Executive Briefings and Workshops
Executive Coaching
Diversity Speakers and Trainers
Intercultural Competence
Team Process Questionnaire System (TPQS)

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Speakers on Diversity and Inclusion
D&I Speakers for Keynotes, Meetings, and Workshops
MDB Group President, Peter Bye

Diversity Recruitment

Diversity Recruiting
Workforce Diversity
Retention of Employees
Intercultural Competence

Case Studies and Sample Results

Business Growth
CDO Accelerator® for new CDOs and diversity leaders
Company Reputation: Internal, External
Conflict Management Strategies/Outcomes
Diversity Metrics and Scorecards
Diversity Recruiting
Diversity Strategies: New, Reinvigorated, and Add-Ons
Diversity and Leadership Training
Diversity Website Information and Tools
Employee Network Groups
Executive Briefings
Executive Coaching
Lawsuit Vulnerability, Call to Action
Morale and Turnover/Retention
Productive and Supportive Work Environments
Retention of Employees
Speakers on Diversity and Inclusion
Strategic Planning Off-sites for Diversity and Inclusion
Team Building and Team Development
Turnover of Employees
Workforce Diversity
Workforce Productivity, Innovation, and Creativity
Workplace Assessments

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Media Center
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MDB Group Perspective about Diversity and Inclusion
MDB Group D&I Articles and Interviews
Diversity and Inclusion FAQs
D&I Single-Click Solution Guide
Diversity and Inclusion Online Learning
Diversity and Inclusion Podcasts
Designing Accountability into a Diversity Strategy
Success Through a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion
The Business-Aligned® Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
Communicating about Diversity with Middle Managers
Implementing Employee Network Groups
Window on the Future of Business, Diversity, Inclusion

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D&I Application Note (PDF): Grow Your Organization through Business-Aligned® D&I Planning

Spotlight on Building Inclusion


Almost all organizations say they want a more-inclusive workplace. Some can define what this looks like. Very few organizations achieve anything close to “full inclusion". Why? It takes a change in mindset about diversity and cultural difference.

Growing an organization and its business through full inclusion typically demands some mix of the PICAS factors (Productivity, Innovation, Creativity, Agility, and Safety). Full inclusion requires cultural and behavioral change from the CEO to the newest employee. To learn more visit these pages:

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About Us

MDB Group is a consulting firm specializing in business growth through diversity, inclusion, and intercultural expertise. The originator of the Business-Aligned® diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy, MDB Group is also an Affiliate member of the ITAP International Alliance network, an integrated international network of cooperative companies across the major economic centers of the world. 


Why Choose Us?

You will receive personalized professional service from our highly-experienced principals. We bring a collegial and partnering mindset to our client relationships combined with the highest standards of ethics, probity, and integrity. We focus on practical solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Your business success is our most important objective.


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MDB Group's global clients includes Fortune 100, Fortune 500, small to mid-size, and not-for-profit organizations in many industries. We apply practical, proven D&I planning models and technologies to build the workforce and workplace that will deliver the business results you need. Contact us today:

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